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Mapping the landscape

Give yourself a true competitive advantage. The faster you acquire information about products, services, and markets – the better. Protect your assets and career by basing your decisions on sound analytical data. 

by Julien

Most companies handle the ideation, creation & go-to-market of products, services and offers the same way: based on sub-par or even non-existing information and analysis. Satisfies this new offer an existing problem of consumers? Is there even valid demand for a solution? And most importantly, is this potential demand connected to a willingness to buy?

Based on advanced IT systems and digital networking, you are enabled to receive and use consistent and over-arching data views of all departments within your company. By using this highly modern approach, you will be able to decide on a validated base while minimizing your risk and maximizing the positive impact of your leadership.

Holistic spectrum

Our data experts offer you highly qualified data collection and analysis of relevant data within the following situations:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer demand
  • Company demand
  • Market conditions & constraints
  • Allocation of resources
  • Advanced stakeholder analysis
  • Cross-Project Mapping

We invite you to get in touch with us for a nonbinding exchange – we analyse your situation and identify possible starting points for a partnership. A very common first step into a professional data strategy is a Business Intelligence project, described below.

Business Intelligence

Integrating Business Intelligence into your company represents an invaluable competitive advantage, based on true and valid data. You and your employees will work with evidence-based decisions instead of “gut-feelings”, which leads to:

  • Improved risk management, e.g. regarding introduction of new products
  • Major cost reduction benefits via automation
  • Iterative and validated improvement of customer experience

In general, your personal and collective performance is measured by two indicators: increasing sales and reducing cost. Therefore, leverage modern Business Intelligence systems to yield the maximum benefit.

In order to create your individual Business Intelligence concept, we usually start by discussing the following questions:

  • Which data points are relevant?
  • Where are these data points located and how should they be collected?
  • What is the general data quality value?
  • Does the company already use this data and if so, how?
  • How is it possible to connected and merge the existing data points?
  • Which KPIs are relevant for your personal decisions?
  • Which potentials and learnings are possible to be identified based on this data?
  • How should the data collection be implemented in the existing infrastructure?
  • Which economic decisions should be enabled and validated through the over-arching data system?
  • Which individual concept supports your decision making the best?

We analyse the current state of data collection.

  • What is the hardware and software base of your company?
  • Which departments use which systems?
  • Which data is available and relevant?
  • How is data collected automatically or manually?
  • Which data sources have to be yielded?

Together, we create an automated solution that connects all incoming relevant data. Also, the merged data is evaluated based on predefined settings. Last but not least, we aggregate and process the raw data efficiently.


Based on the automated and standardized evaluation we create valid recommendations – industry relevant, data-based and with a comprehensive view.

Our approach

Long-term customer relationships with both SMBs as well as international DAX corporations speak for our quality-driven approach in software development and service.

Get in touch with us now – no strings attached – and let’s share our ideas and thoughts:

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