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Company Values

Our seven Company Values are the foundation and shared understanding of what it means to be part of acrontum. They are at the core of what we do and how we approach our work, each other, and our clients.

We are...


Innovative and have an entrepreneurial spirit

We use unconventional and creative approaches, combined with pragmatic methods to validate their outcomes.

Focused on solutions 

We acknowledge obstacles and strive to understand problems, so that we can focus our energy on finding and implementing targeted solutions.

Attentive to the detail of our craft 

We approach our areas of expertise as a craft: we are passionate about execution, details, and results. 

Learning new ways of seeing & doing

We seek out fresh knowledge, innovative ways of doing, and question conventional wisdom in our fields. 

Sharing responsibility for the impact of our actions

We act as a team that trusts and supports each other, while each individual carries their share of responsibility to achieve success.

Communicating openly, constructively, and empathetically 

We engage in regular, honest, and constructive face-to-face dialogue, and are open to and grateful for different perspectives.

Respectful to others

We act fairly and are considerate of beliefs and opinions that may differ from our own.