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How we work

Our squads are the deciding factor that ensure success – engaged digital natives, professional full-stack developers, experienced consultants and first-class designers work hand in hand for superior results.

Autonomous Agile Squads

Acrontum is, at its heart, a digital agency creating and maintaining digital products and services for large and small clients. Ensuring technical brilliance is what we do best, but as we grow ensuring the consistency remains high throughout all projects is a challenge. To help ensure high quality reliability, our working methodologies continue evolving with us as we grow and as the technical horizon shifts.

Today acrontum is divided into Squads. Each squad is led by three leads, has almost complete autonomy, and is solely responsible for the successful delivery of our clients’ projects.

As each Squad is never any larger than nine people, we can always guarantee we are supplying our clients with highly skilled and close-knit teams to ensure excellent customer relations and high-quality product delivery.

Current positions available can be found on our careers page.