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Consistent design on the highest level render a company to be experienced on an emotional level. By creating a unique brand footprint, our design experts create individual brand perception on the highest level.

User experience, service design and usability are a crucial part of today’s development efforts of products and services.

Besides planning and realization of projects, internal and external communication is a key driver for successful completion.

Companies have to get in touch with consumers on a distinguished and sophisticated, highly individual level, which lives both on excellence in talent as well as on top capabilities from sketching to brand development, photoshopping, corporate design guidelines, brandbook ideation, traditional design manuals as well as interior design. Only through incorporating a comprehensive view, a coherent visual, tactile and emotional brand profile can be created.

Modern digital design

Each company must incorporate websites nowadays, and even more important, mobile touchpoints. We cover the whole process: starting with ideation and conception up to the creation of wireframes, mockups and defining a guideline regarding imagery, ensuring optimal responsive behaviour we provide full service offerings based on cutting edge technology. Furthermore, we support you with interface design of your mobile apps, HTML5 containers and digital ad material to guarantee a consistent look and feel within all channels and consumer touchpoints.

Classic print design

Even though digital grows in importance every day, companies should not neglect traditional print design in any case. Naturally, we also provide yearlong expertise and experience in everything print: covering the prepress process as a whole or supporting in specific phases from ideation, concepting to execution and print supervision and quality assurance, we are the perfect partner to go.

Our offerings in project management, for example as interim project leader, project support for your employees and technical and functional sparring round our portfolio out. Also, we gladly act on a workshop-based schedule to empower your team via learnings and valuable impulses. Last but not least, our coaching projects and sophisticated trainings raise inhouse design expertise to a whole new level.

Expertise & dedication

We build our services outlined above on a unique package of experience:

  • More than 35 years of working experience with clients in a variety of industries
  • More than 2,000 successful design mandates, ranging from elaborated editorials to furniture design along corporate design guidelines
  • Comprehensive view on complex design topics like corporate design creation and advancement up to isolated but nonetheless highly important assets like digital ads

Let us get in touch and evaluate partnership opportunities, non-committal and as equals. We look forward to hearing from you!


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