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Research & Analysis

We develop your database and support your business strategy allowing you to avoid unforeseen pitfalls while simultaneously streamlining your decision-making process.  

User experience, service design and usability are a crucial part of today’s development efforts of products and services.

Digital strategies have to be flexible in order to adapt to quickly changing environments: fast, agile and always user-centric.

Unfortunately, high priority decision in digital projects are based on gut-feelings way too often, neglecting any validated data and partially using critically low-quality information.

Based on these circumstances it does not seem surprising at all that 2 out of 3 digital projects are subject to critical internal audit, sometimes even before project completion.

Besides research and data sourcing, data aggregation and assessment of raw information is of the essence to compile coherent and distinct data interpretations. Our analysts and consultants excel in professional digital expertise, which is an invaluable asset in such a specialized environment. We translate all data pieces and fragments into executable guidance specifically tailored to the resources, constraints and situation of your company, always incorporating full transparency for your sustained benefit.

It is this level of transparency that enables impulses and learnings for you and your team, e.g. valuable innovation and product ideas. Leverage these opportunities that acrontum has to offer.

User-centric research

It is systematic alignment of all value-adding activities towards specific user needs that drives large corporations as well as start-ups worldwide. You plan to launch a product? You strive to extend your products into digital? We support you with proven modern processes from lean management and design thinking in a variety of situations, for example:

  1. Identification of consumer problem
  2. Thorough testing of MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) via consumer incorporation
  3. If applicable, derivation of required changes according to user feedback
Design Thinking
  1. Understand: data collection and derivation of key information
  2. Observe: compilation of qualified consumer insights out of step 1 data
  3. Synthesis: aggregation and concentration of gained consumer insights
  4. Ideation: derivation of promising guidance based on concentrated data
  5. Testing: evaluation of test data and analysis of correlation with insights out of step 2

These methodical approaches have proven to aid with creating sustained impact and disruption for business worldwide. Take the opportunity and make a huge leap into digital transformation with acrontum.

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