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User Experience

User experience, service design and usability are a crucial part of today’s development efforts of products and services.

Your greatest asset is your customer and the related info about behaviour and desires. Leverage a perfect balance between demand and offer for sustained customer success.

Digital strategies have to be flexible in order to adapt to quickly changing environments: fast, agile and always user-centric.

Besides planning and realization of projects, internal and external communication is a key driver for successful completion.

Many companies source the expert knowledge required for successful conception within UX design, development, analytics, marketing and general management from a broad variety of providers. Acrontum offers you the complete service from a to b out of one single hand: agile, success-oriented and based on unique experiences.

Our interdisciplinary teams unite on longstanding project experience as well as process knowledge within one single workflow: starting with conception, mockups, wireframes up to graphical and technical development, our designers, consultants and software engineers work hand in hand for optimal efficiency and results. By leveraging this unique structure and based on agile workflows, we compile highly individual and sophisticated solutions in short periods of time.

State of the art services

Please find examples of our broad range of activities:

  • Prototyping for early user reviews and improved understanding of teams and clients
  • Process and service design based on long-time experience as well as on unique knowhow enables fast development while avoiding correction loops over and over again
  • Informational architecture, based on proven as well as innovative user experience and usability foundation
  • (Mobile) Wireframing with a perspective on state-of-the-art tech and trend features
  • Professional user experience design caters for high customer acceptance and optimal usability
  • Conception of thought out tracking systems for constant analysis and optimization of your products

Our experts work with modern technology – we use professional software like Axure, Sketch, Invision and Zeplin, depending on the case and individual situation in order to achieve optimal success for you. Always keeping the consumer needs in mind, we strive to leverage your project towards long-term sustained success using constant supervision of feasibility, technical requirements, positive profitability assessment and sustainability.


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