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IT Infrastructure

We offer more than just hosting behind a firewall – through our contact persons and ongoing surveillance of our it infrastructure we keep close contact with our clients to ensure top customer service, regardless of third party services.

We use agile methods and rapid prototyping/MVP strategies to develop a stable software base as quickly as possible and expand it, using continuous integration, to meet user and customer requirements.

Reliable testing requires fundamental key elements: highest level of professional qualification, deep knowledge in everything software as well as long-standing experience in development itself.

Save essential resources and reduce structural risks by working with our highly efficient maintenance and service systems, including top level security measurements.

Based on the solution concepts and tools, chosen within the software development stage, we prepare the optimal technical infrastructure for your project. Our own, highly shielded and constantly maintained server resources guarantee highest uptime rates and resilient backend system, that offer sufficient reserves to cover unpredictable traffic & loading spikes. Futhermore, we provide you with project and office rooms, for instance to conduct workshops, ideation & conception phases and strategic sessions.

Our service portfolio, specifically tailored to your needs:

  • Professional server architecture, starting with conception, installation and expansion to provide optimal scalability
  • Customizable hosting solutions, for instance in terms of data privacy requirements, security criteria and expected work load
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to cover sudden spikes, testing needs, scalability reasons and more
  • Professional computer centres in Karlsruhe and Strasbourg, providing highest levels of security regarding access, failure protection/power supply and intrusion prevention
  • IT security, incident management and ongoing adaption of all security measures to protect the whole infrastructure

You lack certainty regarding your situation and individual needs? We offer noncommittal assessment and evaluation of starting points.

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