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QA Testing

Reliable testing requires fundamental key elements: highest level of professional qualification, deep knowledge in everything software as well as long-standing experience in development itself.

We cater for optimal alignment, strategic and operative consistency as well as resource allocation to create measurable added-value.

We offer more than just hosting behind a firewall – through our contact persons and ongoing surveillance of our it infrastructure we keep close contact with our clients to ensure top customer service, regardless of third party services.

We use agile methods and rapid prototyping/MVP strategies to develop a stable software base as quickly as possible and expand it, using continuous integration, to meet user and customer requirements.

Besides software development and coding as well as supplying IT infrastructure on highest security levels, profound and reliable testing of code, applications and web pages represents the final obstacle between coding and release. Unfortunately, a large part of corporations as well as SMBs renounce from this crucial step and encounter similar consequences, again and again:

  • Half-baked code causing massive instabilities
  • Missing or faulty responsive design of web pages in the century of “Mobile First”
  • Inflexible databases & CRM system due to outdated standards

Sustained image loss and financial consequences you risk with product or service outages is unpredictable – but professional and granular testing of your software is not. Leverage the possibility for a clean and optimal software release and benefit from positive customer feedback from day 1.

You plan to develop assets in-house, your teams currently code software and you strive to ensure optimal impact chances of your product? Get in touch with our experts. We assess your current situation, the status quo of your project and compile connecting factors together, if reasonable.