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Project Management & Support

We cater for optimal alignment, strategic and operative consistency as well as resource allocation to create measurable added-value.

Digital strategies have to be flexible in order to adapt to quickly changing environments: fast, agile and always user-centric.

Launching at full scale after months or even years of product development, based on pure waterfall project management, is outdated: markets, constraints and customer demand change too fast to rely on static development and project management schemes.

Our team of highly specialized and results-oriented project managers support you and your team in a variety of aspects and phases, for instance as an interim manager, in the preparation phase for pitches (documentation, coaching) as well as within a supportive role for your leading role.

Holistic service portfolio

Further possible fields of action include:

  • Autonomous steering of project and teams
  • Operative support for internal leaders
  • Creation and review of pitch documents, presentations and tech specifications
  • Examination and selection of suited partner
  • Quality audit of each project phase, also possible as case-review
  • Sparring and feedback for internal project leads

We build the success of our projects on a highly efficient mixture of proven and modern methods. Furthermore, we combine functional foresight within planning and road mapping phases with agile development techniques in execution and implementation. This concept ensures high-quality realization within tight and ambitious deadline windows, quick momentum within your company as well as consistent and sustained company orientation towards consumer demand.

Let us evaluate your individual situation with a non-committing dialog. We look forward to hearing from you.