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Validating ideas

The days of ‘Trial and Error’ and playing hunches is over. The competition is picking up and Digital projects are expected to have an immediate positive impact for businesses.

Your greatest asset is your customer and the related info about behaviour and desires. Leverage a perfect balance between demand and offer for sustained customer success.

Launching at full scale after months or even years of product development, based on pure waterfall project management, is outdated: markets, constraints and customer demand change too fast to rely on static development and project management schemes.

Relentless goal attainment, perceptible and enjoyable customer value through digital as well as adequate risk assessment is essential for bringing you and your company safely on the way into digital transformation. Most of your mid to long-term decisions are attached to case specific risks – which mainly grow on missing information concerning influencing factors and structural constraints.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence, say case specific risk assessment offers a data validated information base to support you with finding the best business decisions. Apart from the well-known Buyer’s & Vendor’s Due Diligence, acrontum offers highly sophisticated, case specific risk analysis and assessment within all crucial company departments:

  • Company strategy
  • User & customer needs
  • Problem-Market fit
  • Problem-Solution fit
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Value creation
  • IT Management
  • Trends & technology
Success via data validation

2 out of 3 it projects incorporate critical discussions and investigations from superiors and internal audit managers. Minimize your risk by leveraging professional due diligence even before the project kicks off.

Problem-Solution Fit
  • Is the developed solution actually corresponding to an existing consumer problem?
  • Incorporates the solved problem enough relevance for consumers, to actually lead to a distinctive demand?
  • Is this demand quantifiable?
  • Up to which degree solves the developed solution the consumer problem?
Product-Market Fit
  • Are there any market or usage constraints that confine the developed solutions as a product?
  • How is the general demand of consumers regarding this product to be evaluated?
  • Does the marketing strategy activate the targeted consumer segments?
  • Market size?
  • Stage of competition context?
  • Cost of scale vs. revenue and profit?
  • Match of growth strategy and market constraints?
  • Sufficient internal and external resources to satisfy mass market?
  • Resilience of organizational structure including scaling opportunities?

After finalizing the case review, you are now enabled to choose the best decision based on true and comprehensive data. Internal & external stakeholders are now able to fully understand your path, mission and to participate from an intrinsic perspective. Also, your risk as a leader is fully defined and economically rateable.

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