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Idea generation & asset optimization

Your greatest asset is your customer and the related info about behaviour and desires. Leverage a perfect balance between demand and offer for sustained customer success.

The days of ‘Trial and Error’ and playing hunches is over. Competition is increasing and digital projects are expected to make a fundamental contribution to value creation for businesses.

Launching at full scale after months or even years of product development, based on pure waterfall project management, is outdated: markets, constraints and customer demand change too fast to rely on static development and project management schemes.

Do not waste your resources and budget on developing products, which are tested for the first time after completion. If worst comes to worse, you actively improve a product, which is not desired nor going to be adopted by the market, regardless of further, potentially massive investments. We assist you and your team in the following situations for maximum efficiency and customer impact:

  • Structured ideation based on valid data
  • Development of new products & services
  • Product derivation based on existing portfolio
  • Optimization of existing assets via digital
  • Expansion of existing services into digital
Problem-Solution fit

Generally, we start with aligning existing problems and practical solutions, i.e. solving true, existing problems of customers.

  • Identification: which problem is the customer confronted with?
  • Solution development: how can the customer problem be resolved?
  • Product development: how can the solution(-s) be adapted and marketed as a successful offering?

Thinking and working with “User Journeys” from the consumer perspective has proved to be a reliable concept to ensure optimal alignment of discovered solutions with actual customer demand. By harnessing this approach, all relevant use cases are identifiable and will be taken into account when it comes to developing features and content.

User Journeys & Use Cases

Every application scenario will be defined via “User Journeys” from beginning to end, always emphasizing the customer perspective. This means that all attributes, features and functions of your service are focused on the actual added value for the consumer from the start in order to maximize the market impact.

To ensure this alignment, a very quick time-to-markt phase is key. Only by incorporating customer feedback as soon as possible, without even offering a final product, the focus on the added value can be maintained efficiently. Therefore, we usually work with so called Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that include barely more than the absolute minimum of features to begin testing and receive prompt feedback.

Using this scrupulous approach to maximum user experience & added value guarantees optimal resource allocation – no wasted budgets on time consuming development for things that no consumer needs, wants or understands.

Apart from accompanying you and your team from ideation to launch, we offer complementary services such as composing highly sophisticated business models, granular business cases in excel and more.

Get in touch with us now – completely without obligation – and let us discuss your situation: our mission is to make your company as successful as possible.



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