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Maintain & service

Save essential resources and reduce structural risks by working with our highly efficient maintenance and service systems, including top level security measurements.

We offer more than just hosting behind a firewall – through our contact persons and ongoing surveillance of our it infrastructure we keep close contact with our clients to ensure top customer service, regardless of third party services.

Our 360° customer support orientation offers optimal service from 1st, 2nd to 3rd level scope, always at the ready. We work with partially automated IT systems that are sophistically efficient and while under permanent surveillance. Based on this approach, the outage rates circulate well under 2% without outreageous cost – we always provide highly competitive rates. Benefit from our advantageous full service packages, offering permanently surveillance, operating system updates, security patches and emergency maintenance in risk situations.

Service portfolio
  • Service Level Agreements for a wide variety of departments
  • 2nd & 3rd level business support via white label solution
  • Automated maintenance and surveillance to enable optimal cost efficiency
  • Including full implementation of security patches & system updates
  • Immediate reaction in risky situations

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